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Service & Pricing

I strive to create a welcoming environment where all feel honored and valued. I respect the diversity of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, body types, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, financial status, and educational background.

My therapeutic practice is built on compassion and kindness. This is a safe place where you can express your concerns without fear of judgement. My goal is to offer support for your physical and emotional well-being to the best of my abilities.

When initially working with a client, I will perform a wide variety of tasks that include:

  • Conduct in-depth consultations, covering aches, medical history, and desired results from treatment sessions

  • Analyze and evaluate the client's body and touch-response to identify pain points and areas of tension

  • Use lotion or oils with a massage modality needed for the client's desired results

  • Prescribe treatment plans through multiple massages sessions

  • Recommend home regimens for maintenance of results

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